Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island

LOVE at first sight - My love affair with Vancouver Island, began in 1999 when my husband and I set foot on her shores. Vancouver Island is a unification of First-Nations and European cultures.

I can truly understand the desire of early discovers in the late 1700s to settle and colonize this place. History tells us that the first foreign people to arrive on the island were brought here by the Hudson Bay Company, a British fur trading firm. They brought not only English, Irish, Scottish but also migrants from Europe and from Hawaii.

Gold-rush activities of the 1860s prompted its growth with miners arriving from California to buy licences and mining-gear. Victoria was named after Queen Victoria, and on April 2, 1868, it became the provincial capital of British Columbia.

Today many of the landmarks are remnants of traders, lumber barons and miners who settled here; including Chinese labourers who came to build the railway. It is the combination of various cultures that infuses Vancouver Island, and especially Victoria, with a unique and fascinating appeal… A photographers dream!

Make your way to the picturesque Inner harbour and experience for yourself the excitement and atmosphere of this world famous attraction. Day or night this is a photographic opportunity which will have you clicking furiously. Tourists bustling, vendors tantalizing and street performers busking, there’s something for everyone.