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This slide-show portrays some paintings I have created and uploaded to Fine Art America for sale. There are many more that can be viewed on my art website by clicking here or on the following link

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At the age of two and a half I was confined to hospital where I remained until I was 5 years old. I had TB of the hip bone; much of that time was spent in traction. I do remember going through many colouring-in books and drawing pictures for the family when they came to visit as well as for my doctors and nursing staff.

I painted my first watercolour of a swan when I was 7 and my dad really made me feel important by framing it and displaying it in the sitting room, showing it to everyone who visited. As I grew, I spent many hours sketching, mainly pencil drawings or pen and ink.

Somehow as the years passed I became involved with sport and art was put on the back-burner, although I did study art at school, I always seemed to concentrate on drawings.

I enrolled in art classes at the Natal Technikon, in Durban South Africa with the sole purpose of learning to paint, however, my art teacher informed the class that in order to paint one had to learn how to draw and we spent our precious time drawing - I never did learn to paint as I became bored after months of drawing and dropped out.

I have always needed an outlet for my creativity and I tried many crafts until at last I discovered photography. I love my camera but I found that whenever I took a photograph my thought would be, "that will make a great painting!"
In late June 2010, I joined an internet group called "Paint my Photo" and my "painting calling" was launched. With the encouragement of the members and the thousands of photos to paint from I was in my element.

I am now addicted and wish I could spend every waking moment painting. I am experimenting in different mediums and believe that nothing is impossible. I take risks and keep an open mind; I have no history of past influences - no preconceived idea and beliefs. I have not been told what I can and cannot do - it's all about the passion I have to create whatever I want and that is total FREEDOM.

I hope you enjoy my artwork since that is my soul purpose - to bring enjoyment and pleasure to those who see it.
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