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January 12, 2013 by

It's been a really long time since I blogged - just been so busy learning so much about so many things. Mostly about writing and and in particular writing Children's Books. So this is the year that I will what finally publish a book. Probably first to Kindle as EBooks and then I'll see what happens.

So I have not given up on my photography and the experiments I am constantly engaging in.

I read many other peoples' blogs and when I find something interesting I love to share it, so this is exactly what I am going to do now. This is awesome, copied from Photojojo one of my favourite websites. Here it is:

You dream of a world in which reflectors don't fight back.

A world in which every hour is golden and you never lose your lens cap. Most of all, you dream of world in which lighting is easy and fun.

Dreams really do come true. Like a wingéd dove swooping down from a glorious multi-colored heaven, the photo gods have heard our pleas. Meet the cleverly designed and incredibly easy to use Universal Flash Filter Kit (20-Color Rainbow Edition).

It's a set of 20 color flash filters that slip on and off any external flash via an included band. It's their smart shape and quality crinkle-free design that makes them so efficient!

15 of the filters are made for adding creative pops of color to your photos. Five are for color-correcting so you can cancel out any funky ambient lighting you encounter, and one is specially made for diffusion.

Just think of all that lighting power! They come in a compact carrying case with color dividers (yellow/red, green/blue, and color correcting), so you can whip them out at the drop of a hat.

Quality-made, crinkle-proof, and thoughtfully sized to work with *any* external flash you may have, these guys will make lighting what you've always dreamed it should be: a blast.



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