A Travel Photography experience through British Columbia

Renowned for unmatched natural beauty, British Columbia stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Canadian Rockies and from the Canada/US border to Alaska and the Yukon Territory. The province offers:

  • cosmopolitan cities and spectacular resorts
  • unspoiled national and provincial parks
  • outstanding hotels and attractions
  • transportation choices, including highway, air, rail, coastal ferries and cruises
  • a selection of experienced receptive services and export-ready tourism products

It attracts tourists from all over the world. People come for many different reasons:

  • to experience the features above
  • to visit family and friends
  • to explore migration and retirement possibilities
  • to pursue hobbies and activities (such as photography, golf, hiking and skiing etc.)

Photographic Tourism is a new buzz word - it's a sector of tourism not previously recognized, however many photographers travel specifically to take photographs, and Tourism authorities are beginning to realize this.

Are you planning a trip to British Columbia with the aim of taking those perfect photos - then you've come to the right place - This site will highlight the best places to visit and capture photographs, videos and experience:

Map of british Columbia

Map showing the proximity to USA

  • Do you love photos
  • Are you an amateur or professional photographer
  • Interested in nature photography, travel photos or still portraits
  • Are you constantly hounding the family, snapping photographs and action shots

Then you owe it to yourself to come to British Columbia on a photographic exploration which will exceed your expectations and leave you panting for more. Even the weather in British Columbia is the best in Canada.

Commonly known as “Beautiful British Columbia” and the world’s "playground”  BC has it all; high mountains, wild rugged coastlines, huge ancient forests, beautiful isolated beaches, majestic ski slopes, and winding rivers where hundreds of salmon swim upstream each year, to spawn - then die.

This travel photography blog is a way of sharing my pictures – and highlighting what makes BC so alluring. I am doing this through a combination of snapshots, videos, snippets, illustrations and links – and hopefully, through contributions from you, my reader, whether you are a resident, a visitor, or a wannabe tourist on a quest to discover or reveal its splendour.
Victoria Inner Harbour

Summer action at the inner harbour


My desire is that this becomes one of those photography sites that you will bookmark and interact with, often.

I welcome your comments and input, and invite you to savour the tantalizing scenery through my lenses, then try it out in person, come and gather your own photos, impressions, and memories.

Don’t forget to bring your camera!

 As you scroll through my ‘photo bank’, I will attempt to inspire you with ideas for making extra income by selling  travel stock photography. We’ll explore ways to contribute to IStock, Dreamstime, Flickr and others (resources where site builders turn for their website images, as well as sites like Shutterstock who have over 17 million royalty free stock photos).
Legislature building

British Columbia's Parliament Building

We’ll touch on HDR (High Density Range) photography and even delve into information on how to do photo editing and how to turn your images into HDR photographs.

I agree there are many purists, who squirm at the thought of tampering with a photograph, but millions of HDR and digitally enhanced images sell online daily…

What the heck! I enjoy diversity and being artistically unconventional. The possibilities are exciting and endless. The imagination is without limits.

My de-stressing hobby - Scrapbooking

British Columbia is a Scrapbooker's dream - endless beauty!

Or it may be that your hobby is scrapbooking; well British Columbia is “scrappers’ heaven”... Ask me, I am a scrapbook fanatic! What better photo album, than a travel scrapbook, showcasing your own experience through your own illustrative memory books?

And if you are none of the above, but rather a person who prefers a virtual travel experience, I welcome your comments too.

You’re in good company because William Shakespeare wrote: “I had rather have a fool to make me merry, than experience to make me sad and to travel for it too!

I must say, merry or sad – I love to travel and to share my experiences through my scribblings and photographs. And if my words have not created enough of an incentive to visit, then this short video produced by Tourism BC will say it in no uncertain terms.

I aim to separate and feature different areas of British Columbia,  and since I live on Vancouver Island, I feel it is the logical place for me to begin.

So grab a cup of chai tea and join me as I travel through the province (virtually), accentuating the obvious landmarks and sights, perhaps less emphasized